Sniper Manual
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Call Channels

Configuring autobuy for call channels.

Automatic Channel Scraping

Return to the main menu by typing /sniper, and then select Call Channels. You will see the menu in Figure 11. You can now select the channels you want to set up autobuys for. The bot already includes an extensive list of call channels, and the order they appear in reflects the number of people tracking them. You can use the Search button to quickly find any channel you want. The command works with both the channel's link and numerical ID. If you cannot find a specific channel in the bot, please refer to standalone Maestro Scraper.
11. Call channels.
The green checkmark indicates that we are “tracking” the channel. This means that the bot will notify us when that channel makes a post with a contract address that the bot can decipher (can be a raw contract address, a hyperlink, or a chart link). However, even if we’re tracking the channel, the bot WILL NOT auto-buy unless we choose an auto-buy amount for that specific channel. We will use the SUScalls channel for demonstration. The unique Me channel was explored earlier in Section 3, while the powerful Scraper channel relates to our standalone Maestro Scraper.
Simply click on SUScalls or any channel you desire to track/auto-buy, and then proceed to the next section.
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