Trade Monitor Menu

We now turn our attention to the button overlay in Figure 13. These buttons can only affect the _Primary Trade**. They have no bearing on **Other Trades_.

⬅️ 🔃 Token Name ➡️

The arrows (⬅️,➡️) allow you to cycle between your Primary Trade ($CATCHY in this case) and your other trades. Pressing the arrows will make $BUSD or $USDT your Primary Trade. Pressing the token name itself (next to 🔃) will force a monitor update.

✅ Anti-Rug

As explained earlier, this feature attempts to frontrun liquidity rugs, blacklisting functions, trade disables, tax hikes, unnatural mints, and practically anything that would “rug” you. The bot will detect when a malicious transaction is sent to mempool and will try to sell your holdings before the malicious transaction goes through, thus saving your investment. While the feature works most of the time, it is not guaranteed due to a multitude of different variables, so please be careful with your investments. Also keep in mind that the bot will automatically adjust your gas price/delta (more on those later) to maximize frontrunning chances, so make sure you have enough funds in your wallet. If enabled, then the feature will be activated automatically for every trade you perform on the bot. If this was enabled in the wallet configuration menu in Figure 3, then it will be automatically enabled on every sale.

Anti-Rug is only available on BSC and ETH. Arbitrum has no public mempool support and relies on a First-Come-First-Serve transaction ordering policy, so implementing anti-rug measures on the chain is impossible.

If Anti-Rug detects any transactions that shouldn't have been flagged, please report them to the development team. Anti-Rug should never be enabled on a pre-launch token that you've added to your Trade Monitor.

✅ Auto-Sell

Green checkmark means that it is enabled. If this is disabled, no auto-sell will occur. If you want this to be enabled by default, make sure that Auto Sell is enabled in BOTH the wallet configuration menu of Figure 5 and the settings of the call channel (or the Me channel in the case of pasted contracts) that caused the transaction (as seen in Figure 12). Keep in mind that even if you have Auto-Sell disabled in those settings, you can still enable it AFTER you buy.

◀️ Lo | Hi ▶️

Percentages on the left and right of ◀️ Lo | Hi ▶️

  • Left: Sell-Lo or Stop-loss (-50% in the image)

  • Right: Sell-Hi or Take-profit (+100% in the image)

You can click on each percentage to update it. The Limit Sells section explains how you can use specific prices or market caps to sell at. If the buy happened through a call channel (Me included), then your Sell-Lo and Sell-high settings shown here will match what you chose for that call channel. If the buy didn’t go through a call channel or no autosell settings were specified, the default settings are used: -50% for Sell-Lo and +100% for Sell-Hi. These percentages are compared against Profit/Loss. Also keep in mind that you can input any sign that you want here, unlike the call channel menus. This allows you to create a trailing stoploss (setting Sell-lo to +50% if you’re up 100% for example).

Clicking directly on the _Lo | Hi** button reveals the **Amount_** button**:

◀️ Amount ▶️

Percentages on the left and right of ◀️ Amount ▶️:

  • Left: Percentage of holdings to be sold when Sell-Lo is triggered.

  • Right: Percentage of holdings to be sold when Sell-hi is triggered.

This allows you to set the percentage of tokens you want to sell when Sell-Lo or Sell-Hi is triggered. In the image, both values are set to 100%, which means that Sell-Lo and Sell-Hi will sell our entire holdings of the token we just bought. You can click on each percentage to update it.

✅ Buy Dip

Buy Dip + 0.01 BNB + Threshold: These buttons are used to configure auto-buys on dips. This will be explored in the next subsection.

☢️ Sell

This button allows you to sell the token from ALL your wallets. More details on this can be found in the Multi-Wallet section (Section 6).

🔄 Reset

This button resets the timer on your trade monitor and extends it for another 24 hours. However, whatever your tokens are Worth at the time will become your Initial. This option can also combine your buys if you bought the same token multiple times.

🟢 Refresh

Same as Reset, but keeps your Initial at its original value.

🛑 Stop

Stop the trade monitor from updating. This makes the trade “Disabled”. Disabled trades do not benefit from tracking or auto-sell functionalities, so make sure a trade is not disabled if you wish to make use of the bot’s automatic features.

❌ Delete

Fully removes the trade from your Trade Monitor. Use this to clean up “Disabled” trades after they’ve outlived their usefulness.

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