Sniper Manual
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Premium Subscription

For hardcore users and day-traders that require a bit more out of their sniper experience, Maestro offers a premium subscription that bolsters the bot’s extensive features.
Premium users will benefit from:
  • Access to the Maestro Pro Bot, an exclusive version of the bot that bolsters even faster speeds than the base version.
  • Access to the Maestro Launch Simulator, which finds a contract's launch taxes, deadblocks, and max wallet before the contract launches.
  • 30 concurrent trades in the Trade Monitor (vs. 8 for base users)
  • 72-hour Trade Monitors (vs. 24 hours for base users)
  • 10 Total wallets: 1 main + 9 additional (vs. 3 total wallets for base users)
  • 10 copytrade wallets (vs. 3 wallets for base users)
  • 5 concurrent God Mode snipes (vs. 1 snipe for base users)
  • Access to the Alpha and Seen token indicators, which show you the number of users who have pasted the same contract in the bot, as well as the last time the bot has interacted with that same contract.
  • First-class Support
  • Access to the Maestro Yacht Club, a private group with experienced Maestro users and crypto influencers.
These offerings can be accessed for $200 a month. All payments can be done directly through the bot by consulting the /premium menu.