📊Trade Monitor

How the bot functions after a buy has been made.

Trade Monitor Operations

After triggering an automatic or manual buy through the bot (or you initiate Track in Figure 8), the bot will open the Trade Monitor and pin it. You can have up to 8 active trades at any time (20 for Premium users). All your active trades will be summarized in a single Trade Monitor for efficiency. Only one of the trades can be considered a Primary Trade, and the rest of your trades will be relegated to the Other Trades portion. Figure 13 shows the monitor in action. We’ll use $Catchy, BUSD, and USDT to demonstrate this functionality.

We’ll break Figure 13 down in two parts. We will first explain the message above the buttons:

  • First Row:

    • Token Name - Name of the token being tracked.

    • Profit/Loss - Profit or Loss percentage before sell tax.

    • Time Left - The Trade Monitor will keep tracking each token for 24 hours (72 hours for Premium users). This reflects how much of the 24 hours is left.

  • Initial - How much you spent to buy the token.

  • Worth - How much your token is currently worth.

  • Time elapsed - How much time has gone by since the buy.

  • P/L w/tax - Profit/Loss after sell tax.

  • Price impact - The effect of your sell on the chart.

  • Expected Payout - How much BNB/ETH you will receive when you sell. This factors in both taxes and price impact, and can be written as: Initial(1+P/L w/tax)(1+Price Impact).\text{Initial}*\left(1 +\text{P/L w/tax}\right)*\left(1+\text{Price Impact}\right).

  • Price | MC - Current price and market cap of the token.

  • Other Trades - This section will show your other trades. You can see the same information as that in the First Row. However, “Disabled” trades won’t show any information. Trades can become disabled if the trade lasts longer than 24 hours, if you sell all your tokens, or if you press the Stop button, which we explain below.

This message will update (by editing itself) whenever your balances change for the 24 hours (96 hours for ⭐️Premium users), giving you the latest price values as fast as possible. To extend monitoring to more than 24 hours, you can use the Reset and Resume buttons. We will explain these two buttons below.

The Trade Monitor gives you complete control over your investment, and even attempts to protect your holdings in case of a rug. Some closing words:

  • The Trade Monitor message will update itself for 24 hours. Auto Sell settings will also be active for 24 hours. After 24 hours pass, the trades become disabled and can no longer benefit from Anti-Rug and Auto Sell. If you want to extend this duration, simply use Refresh button, which gives you another 24 hours on the trade. ⭐️Premium users enjoy the benefits of 96-hour Trade Monitors.

  • You can only have 8 active trades in your Trade Monitor. After you reach 8 active trades, any additional purchases will not be tracked in the Trade Monitor. You do NOT need to clear “disabled” trades manually, as the bot will handle that automatically. ⭐️Premium users enjoy the benefits of 30 concurrent trades in their Trade Monitors.

  • If you have multiple trades of the same token running (let’s say 3 trades of $Catchy coming from the same wallet), and you want to combine them into one trade, you can Delete 2 of the trades then Reset the one remaining. The bot will then combine the three trades into one.

  • The Trade Monitor attempts to grab autosell settings from a call channel when available. When these settings are unavailable, it will default to the global wallet settings set in Section 2

  • Always make sure that _Auto-sell_** has a green checkmark next to it on the Trade Monitor if you want the bot to autosell for you.**

  • You can use the Track function in Figure 8 to utilize autoselling features for any token you own, regardless of whether you bought it through the bot or not. Simply paste the token’s contract address into the bot and Track it. The bot will detect your current balance and open a Trade Monitor, giving you access to selling and autoselling options.

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