Warning Messages

A quick look at the message in Figure 8 shows that the bot did not autobuy the contract. The statement β€œX Auto buy will not be triggered.” reflects that. The bot also gave us the reason in the line preceding the statement, which says: β€œ Channel auto buy is disabled”. Even if you had auto buy enabled and set up a buy amount, the sniper bot can still choose to not trigger an autobuy in certain situations. When the bot refrains from autobuying, it will always give you the reason(s) behind its decision in the buy menu message. The first set of reasons is rather straightforward, and relates to the bot detecting violations of your global/channel settings about Max MC, Max & Min Liq, Min MC/Liq, Max Buy & Sell Tax, and Max Gas Price discussed in Section 2. These reasons will be represented as follows:

  • Market cap > *Max MC*

  • Liquidity > *Max Liq*

  • Liquidity < *Min Liq*

  • Market cap/Liquidity < *Min MC/Liq*

  • Buy tax > *Max Buy Tax*

  • Sell tax > *Max Sell Tax*

  • Wallet auto buy is disabled

  • Gas Price > *Max Gas Price*

If any single one of these conditions is triggered, then the bot WILL NOT autobuy. The sniper bot can also detect anomalies and risks in contracts, and when it does, it will not autobuy the risky contract. The messages will usually look like:

  • Buy-Sell tax could not be estimated! - When the bot cannot estimate the buy or sell tax of a contract, then trading hasn’t been enabled yet, or the contract might be problematic.

  • Token detected as honeypot! - The bot can detect honeypot contracts through its own internal simulations, and will not autobuy contracts where such risks are observed.

  • Blacklist risk! Buying now could get you BLed - The bot can detect blacklisting outcomes through its own internal simulations, and will not autobuy contracts where such risks are observed.

  • Liquidity / Total Supply < 1% - The bot checks how healthy the liquidity pool is by comparing its balance against the token’s total supply. If the pool has less than 1% of the supply, then the pool is deemed to be too unhealthy. This will also show up if you’re attempting to buy a V3 token on ETH, since we only support V2.

In conclusion, the bot will not only abide by your global/channel market cap and liquidity settings, but it will also attempt to protect you from extremely risky contracts and save your investments from potential scams. You should still exercise caution as these protection measures are not fool-proof, but they help quite a bit in ensuring a safe and smooth trading experience. Keep in mind that even though the bot will refrain from autobuying in these scenarios, you can still manually buy the tokens using the buy menu in Figure 8.

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