Scraper Functionalities

The scraper is fairly self-explanatory, but we’ll go over the basics. To use the scraper for a specific channel/group, follow these steps:

  • Join the channel/group you wish to scrape using the Telegram account connected to both the sniper bot and the scraper, or make sure that you have recent DMs with person/bot you want to scrape. You have to use the same account for both the scraper and the sniper.

  • On the scraper, press Refresh, then search for the person/bot/channel/group’s name or Telegram username.

  • For those DMs/channels/groups, you can select four options:

    1. Admins: when selected, you will only scrape messages from admins in the channel/group (bots excluded).

    2. Users: when selected, you will scrape messages from all users in the channel/group (bots excluded). This is best used in private groups.

    3. Pinned: when selected, you will only scrape pinned messages.

    4. Bots: when selected, the bot will acknowledge and scrape bot messages. If left unchecked, the bot will simply ignore all messages sent by bots.

    Selecting multiple buttons is allowed, but the effects of the less restrictive mode will override everything else. For example, selecting Admins and Users at the same time means that you’ll be scraping messages from all users.

  • When a contract address is detected (links and embedded hyperlinks work as well) in a scraped message, it will be automatically forwarded to the Maestro Sniper Bot. To control how the bot responds to these contract addresses, please adjust the settings of the “Scraper” channel in the bot. More details on channel settings can be found in this section.

One more feature we would like to highlight is the Duplicate Calls Disabled button. You can find this button below the table of groups and channels in the scraper, and it allows you to control how the scraper deals with duplicate contracts. Suppose that you’re scraping 10 private groups, and they all posted the same contract. With Duplicate Calls Disabled, the scraper will only forward the contract once, protecting you from multiple needless buys. Clicking on the button turns it to Duplicate Calls Enabled, which deactivates this protection.

To familiarize yourself with how the scraper interacts with the sniper, create a channel, follow it in the scraper, then post a contract to it. You should see the contract immediately show up in your chat with the Maestro Sniper Bot.

Keep in mind that while there are no limitations on how many DMs/groups/channels you can scrape, Telegram will simply time you out if you spam the bot with contracts, so try to be selective with what you’re scraping. Finally, remember that the scraper needs to be running on your computer with a solid internet connection if you want to benefit from its features. Closing it disables scraping altogether.

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