Sniper Manual

Sniping Presales

This is a classic feature that is to be expected at this point. We streamlined the experience to keep it as simple and accessible as possible.

Securing a contribution

If you wish to snipe a hyped presale, our sniper offers a very easy interface. Our bot works with Pinksale public presales and privates presales that your sniper wallet is whitelisted on. You can only have one presale set up at a time.
To get it ready, follow these steps:
  • Return to the main menu in Figure 1 (typing /sniper is a quick way of getting to that menu).
  • Select Snipe Presales. You will see the menu in Figure 22
22. Presale Menu.
We now explain each button in Figure 22.
  • Add Presale - Click this button to add a presale to snipe. The bot will ask for a Pinksale presale address, and then ask for your contribution amount. Paste the presale address from the Pinksale page of the token you wish to snipe. Remember, the sniper needs the presale address, NOT the token address or the pinksale webpage link.
  • Main - Change the wallet used to snipe the presale. Clicking this cycles through your connected wallets.
  • Presale Gas Price - Change the gas price used for the presale contribution. This does not affect your global gas price/delta, and will only apply for this specific presale.
After completing the steps laid out in the Add Presale button, the sniper will be ready to secure your presale contribution once the contribution window opens. If you want to remove a presale, go back into Snipe Presales, and you’ll be given the option to do so. If you want to change the contribution amount, you’ll have to remove the presale then add it again.

Claiming a presale

After a successful contribution, you can claim your tokens (when the presale pool ends) using the following command:
/claim Presale Address Wallet Name Chain
When sniping presales, please keep the following in mind:
  • The bot uses the gas price you specify in the Presale Gas Price. Your gas price is extremely important on ETH and BSC, as it determines the priority of your contribution on the blockchain. If a presale is hyped, expect to see extremely high gas prices from all participants. On Arbitrum, gas price is irrelevant.
  • You can have only 1 presale snipe active on each chain.