This modality allows to copy the buys and sells of tracked wallets at amazing speeds.

Our bot allows you to immediately copy the buys and sells of up to 3 wallets (10 wallets for premium users). We will first go over its mempool/frontrun capabilities, and then cover the steps required to enable it. But before we delve into all of that, always remember:

  • Always track the wallet RECEIVING the tokens. Do not follow wallets that start transactions. Instead, follow the wallets that receive the purchased tokens at the end of a transaction.

Copytrade Speed

Copytrade speed is determined by multiple factors. Depending on the scenario, the bot will either frontrun the tracked wallet, match its gas, or simply buy/sell after it. We outline these scenarios below:

  • The bot detects a transaction before it’s mined (mempool).

    After adding a tracked wallet, the bot starts scanning mempool for any swap transactions that would deposit (remove) tokens into (from) the tracked wallet. If it spots any such transactions, it accounts for two possible cases:

    • The tracked wallet is sniping a launch: This is mostly exclusive to buys. If the bot detects that the tracked wallet is sending a transaction towards a contract that hasn’t launched yet, it will assume that said wallet is sniping the launch through LP/method sniping (more on that in Section 9). In that case, the bot will match the gas settings of the tracked wallet to ensure that you don’t frontrun whatever LP addition/launch method the tracked wallet is sniping. You will end up buying the token in the same block, but it will most likely be after the tracked wallet, as you’re using the same gas settings as them.

    • The tracked wallet is buying/selling a tradable token: If the bot detects that the tracked wallet is sending a transaction towards a contract that is currently tradable, the bot will adjust its gas settings to frontrun (if Frontrun is enabled in the next section) or match (if Frontrun is disabled) the tracked wallet. This allows you to buy and sell BEFORE the tracked wallet (if Frontrun is enabled), thus securing higher profits.

    If either of those cases (matching gwei or using frontrun gwei) requires more gwei than the _Max Gas Price_** you set in your wallet configuration (Figure** 3), then the bot will block your autobuy/sell and protect you from high gas fees.

  • The bot detects a transaction after it’s mined.

    The bot can detect most transactions in mempool before they’re mined, but some more complicated transactions (contract buys for example) are harder to spot. If a transaction is not spotted in mempool, we can still detect it after it’s mined. In that case, the bot will buy/sell in the next block after the copytrade wallet, and the transaction will use your gas settings.

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