Copytrade Sells

In the last section, we skipped over one button in particular: the Copy Sell button. Enabling this allows your bot to sell whenever the tracked wallet sells. This is one of the most unique functions in the bot, and it follows its own distinct set of rules and procedures, which we explain below:

  • When the tracked wallet sells, you will receive a notification informing you about the transaction. The bot will then check all your wallets to find whether you own the same token the tracked wallet was selling. If you do own the token, and Copy Sell is enabled, the bot will attempt to sell as well. If the bot recognizes that it can frontrun the tracked wallet’s sell, it will also attempt to do so.

  • To determine the sell amount, the bot identifies the tracked wallet’s current token balance, calculates the percentage of that balance that is being sold in the detected sell transaction, and then uses the same percentage on your wallet. For example, assume that the tracked wallet has 100 tokens while your wallet has 80. If the tracked wallet attempts to sell 50 tokens, which is 50% of its balance, the bot will try to sell 40 of your tokens, which is again 50% of your balance. This allows you to accurately follow the tracked wallet without compromising your position.

With that explanation out of the way, it’s worth pointing out that:

  • It is NOT required to keep the token in an active Trade Monitor for copy sells to work. The bot will simply receive the sell signal from the tracked wallet and then follow the procedure explained above.

  • This feature can also activate for tokens that you have not bought through copytrade. This should already be evident from the explanation given above, since the bot simply evaluates whether you own the token being sold by the tracked wallet, and then behaves accordingly.

  • Since this feature functions independently of the Trade Monitor, you can still have the token in an active Trade Monitor with auto sell thresholds of your choosing WHILE Copy Sell is enabled. In that case, the bot can sell when your auto sell thresholds are met or when the tracked wallet sells, giving you full control over how you want to maximize profits.

Final remarks and tips:

  • Base wallets can track 3 wallets, while ⭐️Premium users can track up to 10 wallets.

  • The ON/OFF toggle is an easy way to enable/disable copytrading.

  • You can set a maximum allowed autobuy using the Buy Amount button, which shields you from unaffordable transactions that whale wallets normally perform.

  • You can override your wallet gas price/delta and slippage settings using the gas and slippage buttons found in every separate copytrade wallet.

  • Copy Sell allows the bot to automatically sell whatever the tracked wallet is selling, but you can still use your own settings Auto Sell settings.

  • We’ve implemented multiple screening methodologies to ensure that no malicious transactions can fool our copytrading mechanisms. The bot’s smart algorithms can detect transactions that aim to trap copytraders, like airdrops and swaps with obfuscated sources, and it will filter them out to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our users.

  • The bot filters out transactions on stables (like purchasing USDC and USDT for example), so you won't get notified about these uninteresting transactions.

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