Welcome to the Maestro Sniper Manual. Over the course of this document, we will outline the bot’s vast set of powerful yet accessible functionalities.

The document is structured as follows:

Section 1: setting up your wallet with the bot. You can use your own wallet or generate a “burner” wallet through the bot. This section is essential to getting started.

Section 2: configuring wallet settings and enabling Anti-Rug.

Section 3: using the bot as a trading terminal with manual buys and sells. While the bot is technically a “sniper” due to its presale, liquidity, method, and call channel sniping modalities, it can also double as a lightning fast trading terminal. Paste a valid contract address into the bot and enjoy our straightforward and efficient trading experience that will make Pancakeswap/Uniswap obsolete. This section lays out these functionalities.

Section 4: configuring autobuy for call channels. This is a completely novel feature that allows you to autobuy tokens called by Telegram channels of your choosing.

Section 5: how the bot functions after a buy has been made. The bot offers a suite of autoselling options for stopping losses and securing profits. It will also attempt to frontrun liquidity rugs to secure your holdings. The bot gives you all the tools to maximize profits on your investments. This section explains these tools and gives you a taste of the Maestro Sniper experience. It also sheds some light on how buy limit orders and trailing stoploss work.

Section 6: how to setup multiple wallets and multi-wallet buys. This powerful feature allows you to overcome the transaction limits through the simultaneous use of multiple wallet.

Section 7: using the bot to copytrade. This modality allows to copy the buys and sells of tracked wallets at amazing speeds.

Section 8: using the bot to snipe presales. This is a classic feature that is to be expected at this point. We streamlined the experience to keep it as simple and accessible as possible.

Section 9: using the bot to snipe liquidity and contract methods. The bot provides an exhaustive toolkit that covers every possible token launch situation. The section describes this intricate toolkit in extreme detail.

Section 10: Monetization and sniper bot fees.

Section 11: Premium Subscription.

Even if you intend to use the Maestro Sniper for one specific function, we recommend you go through the entire document. Otherwise, you’d be missing out on unique money-making opportunities that don’t come by everyday. Enjoy!

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