What kind of presales do you support?

We currently support Pinksale presales with BNB/ETH contributions only. We will be expanding to other launchpads later on.

What is a presale address?

The presale address is NOT the webpage link of the presale. Go to the Pinksale presale page and find where it says "Presale Address". It looks like a wallet address.

Which wallet will buy the presale?

You can select the wallet you wish to contribute with directly in the Presale menu. Click on ๐Ÿ’ณ Main to cycle through the wallets.

Can the bot handle whitelists?

As long as the wallet you choose to snipe with is whitelisted on the presale, you'll be able to buy.

Does the bot claim tokens for me?

Yes. You can use the /claim command in the bot.

What gas settings does presale sniping use?

You can setup your presale gas price directly in the Presale menu. This will not affect your wallet gas price.

I always get beat by other buyers.

Your gas price determines your priority on the blockchain. It's common to see 100+ gwei on presales, so tailor your gas price to match how hyped the presale is going to be.

Does multi-wallet work with presales?

Not at the moment. Only your chosen wallet will attempt to buy the presale.

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