Sniper Manual
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Is the bot free?

Successful transactions through the Maestro Sniper Bot (manually or automatically) will be charged a 1% tax on every successful buy and sell
The bot will NOT take the 1% directly from each transaction. It simply accumulates how much you owe us, and once that amount reaches 0.01 BNB or ETH, the bot extracts them to 0xCac0F1A06D3f02397Cfb6D7077321d73b504916e. The fees accumulate per telegram account, NOT per wallet, and the bot will always extract the fee from the wallet with the highest balance.
The sniper will deal with this silently (no messages, streamlined), but we're tracking all transactions in the backend. In the future, you'll be able to export all of the transactions you've done through the sniper. Just in case you'd like to double check, you can always visit your block explorer (e.g. bscscan) to find all transactions.