How does copytrade work?

At the moment, copytrade enables you to auto buy/sell a token whenever the wallet you're tracking buys/sells it.

How many wallets can we track?

You can track up to 3 wallets as a base user at the moment, and 10 as a Premium user.

How does Auto Buy work in copytrade?

If you want the bot to auto buy immediately when the tracked wallet performs a buy transaction, you NEED to choose an auto buy amount. The bot will use this amount as the maximum allowed auto buy. For example, if you set Auto Buy to 0.5 BNB and the tracked wallet buys 0.1 BNB, then the bot will also buy 0.1 BNB, matching the tracked wallet. However, if the tracked wallet buys any amount LARGER than 0.5 BNB, the bot will still only buy 0.5 BNB. This is done to shield you from the fluctuations in transaction values coming from tracked wallets, especially if you're tracking "whale" wallets that are prone to large buys that most people can't afford.

How does Copy Sell work in copytrade?

The bot will notify you whenever the tracked wallet sells tokens. It will then check whether you own the token or not. If you do own the token AND Copy Sell is enabled in the copytrade settings, the bot will attempt to copy the sell. If the tracked wallet sells a certain percentage (50% for example) of their token holdings, then the bot will sell the same percentage from your wallet (50% as well).

Can we frontrun the tracked wallet?

Yes. More details on frontrunning can be found in the manual.

Does copytrade work with multi-wallets?

Yes. Make sure that Multi is enabled in both the wallet settings and copytrade wallet settings.

Can I simply get notified without committing to an Auto Buy?

Yes. Add the tracked wallet, turn on Copytrade, and make sure Auto Buy is disabled in the copytrade wallet settings.

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