Wallet Settings

Can I use the same wallet on multiple chains?

Yes. You can use the private key/mnemonic phrase to connect the same wallet on multiple chains, or simply use the /import command: If you want to use the same wallet on multiple chains (or you sent funds to the wrong chain and wish to recover them), you can use /import. This command allows you to import an already connected wallet across different chains. It requires 4 arguments (origin chain, origin wallet name, destination chain, destination wallet name)

For example, if you want to import your main BSC wallet to ETH and name it "Wallet1", you would use:

/import BSC main ETH Wallet1

Gas Price

This determines your transaction priority on the blockchain. On BSC, 5-7 gwei is good for normal transactions, 8-12 is decent for casual sniping, but it can go way WAY higher for hyped launches and presales.

Gas delta

This is meant for ETH users. It determines the maximum priority gwei you're willing to spend in a Type-2 transaction. A minimum of 5 is recommended, but you can go much higher depending on your needs and preferences. Your base gwei will automatically adjust to the current chain average at the time, so you don't have to worry about that. On Arbitrum, gas price/delta is not relevant, as the chain operates on a First-Come-First-Serve basiss.

Gas Limits

This is the maximum amount of gas units you're willing to consume for the transaction. Since the bot can optimally determine this value, you don't need to bother with it, unless you want to block contracts that require a lot of gas.

Smart Slippage

This overrides your slippage and automatically adjusts it based on the token's taxes and your price impact. It is very convenient for quick swaps and casual call channel sniping, as it can protect you from frontrunning bots. However, it is not suitable for highly volatile situations like stealth launches and LP/method snipes through God Mode. For those cases, please disable Smart Slippage and specify a suitable slippage tolerance. If you want to use smart slippage, we suggest you pair it with a high gas price/delta.

Can I set slippage to more than 100%?

Setting slippage to more than 100% only affects situations where you're trying to buy an exact amount of tokens, which happens with God Mode sniping launches using specific token amounts instead of ETH/BNB amounts, as well as using the Ape Max button. When slippage is set to X00% and you set a specific token amount, the bot will detect the amount of ETH/BNB needed to buy that specific token amount, and then send (X+1) * the detected ETH/BNB amount to secure your buy. For example, you wish to God Mode snipe exactly 100 tokens, and the bot detects that 100 tokens cost 0.1 ETH. If your slippage is set to 200%, the bot will send 0.3 ETH (3*0.1) to secure your buy. The router will then use whatever ETH amount it needs to get 100 tokens, and the remaining ETH will be sent back to your wallet.

If you're buying with exact ETH/BNB amounts instead, then setting slippage to more than 100% is simply equivalent to 100% (which implies that you're willing to accept 0 tokens for whatever exact ETH/BNB amount you've specified).

Do I need to adjust all the settings?

No. You can leave them on default/disabled. However, tailoring the bot using these settings makes for a more focused and profitable experience.

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