Call Channels

My bot detects the call but doesn't auto buy.

Please consult the Auto Buy Warnings section.

My bot auto buys but Auto Sell is always turned off.

You need to enable Auto-Sell in both your wallet settings and the call channel settings. This enables Auto-Sell by default on the Trade Monitor.

My bot isn't detecting a channel's calls.

This can happen for one of three reasons:

1. You didn't enable "Track" for the call channel. Even if you enable Auto Buy for the channel, you still need to enable "Track".

2. The channel's call had no contract address in it. If the call has any form of contract (be it raw, manipulated, or through a chart link), the bot will detect it. If the channel call only has a description of the token and/or its Telegram group, you will NOT be notified.

3. The channel edited the contract address into the post more fairly late after the initial post. We don't report the contract in this case to protect you from late buys.

Will the bot buy the same token multiple times?

The bot will never report the same token twice from a single channel. This protects you from update posts. However, the bot can buy the same token multiple times if multiple channels that you're following call the token. If you want to avoid that, make sure Dupe Buys are disabled.

How can I find call channels easily in the bot?

Use the "Search" button. The button will prompt you for the channel's link or ID.

How can we add call channels?

Channel additions are now limited to top tier channels only. To track groups/channels not currently in the bot, you can use the Maestro Telegram Scraper.

How many channels can I follow?

As many as you wish.

Can I receive notifications without auto buying?

Yes. Simply track the channel without enabling Auto Buy.

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