Trade Monitor

What's the difference between active and disabled trades?

Active trades benefit form access to live profit/loss tracking, Auto Sell functionality, and Anti-Rug support. However, disabled trades do not receive such benefits.

Why was my trade disabled?

Trades can become disabled for 2 reasons:

1. You sold your entire balance of the token you were tracking.

2. 24 hours (72 hours for Premium members) passed since you bought the token. The timer next to each token indicates how much of the 24 hours is left. You can refresh this duration back to 24 hours using the Refresh button. The button can also reactivate disabled trades.

If I disable/delete a trade, will the bot sell?

No. Disabling or deleting a trade will not sell your holdings.

What does the Reset button do?

The Reset button restarts tracking for the token, but uses your current token's BNB/ETH worth as the new initial. It can be used to combine multiple trades of a token into one.

I can't find my trade monitor.

Try the following steps:

  • Use /monitor

  • If /monitor doesn't give you a trade monitor, you have two options:

Option #1 - Copy paste the CA and hit the Track button. This will send the trade back to the trade monitor and the trade initial and worth will both be reset to the current worth of the token.

Option #2 - Go back to the successful buy message and find the button that says Add to Monitor. Press it and the bot will add this trade back to the monitor. This will preserve the initials of your trade.

Can I create a monitor for a token I bought outside the bot?

Yes. Paste the token's contract address and press the Track button.

How can I activate a disabled trade?

Use the Refresh button.

How many trades can the monitor hold?

You are currently limited to 5 trades (active and disabled). To clear space for new trades, make sure to delete disabled trades using the Delete button. The bot will also automatically replace disabled trades if you attempt to start another trade monitor while you're already at 5 trades.

I made two buys of the same token. Can I combine them?

You can combine multiple buys of the same token on the trade monitor ONLY IF the buys came from the same wallet. For example, if you bought a token twice from the same wallet and are currently looking at two separate trade monitor panels for the same token, press Delete to remove one of the trades, then scroll over to the other trade and press Reset. This will change the initial of that trade to match your current total worth of the token.

My monitor always starts with Auto Sell turned off.

You need to enable Auto Sell in both your wallet settings and the call channel settings ("Me" channel for pasted contracts). This enables Auto Sell on the trade monitor by default.

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