How many wallets can I use?

You can connect/generate 3 wallets in total (1 main wallet + 2 additional wallets) as a base user, and 10 total wallets as a Premium user.

Can I buy with multiple wallets at the same time?

Yes. You need to enable Multi in the wallet settings (in the Multi-Wallet menu) and in the settings of the channel you wish to snipe ("Me" channel for pasted contracts). Multi-wallet buys will not activate unless Multi is enabled in BOTH locations.

I enabled Multi but can't see a multi-buy button.

There is no multi-buy button. If you want to multi-buy a pasted contract for example, enable Multi in the wallet settings and "Me" channel settings. Pasted contracts will now display โ„น๏ธ Multi-wallet enabled, which means that any buy initiated from the main wallet will initiate a multi-wallet buy.

Does multi-wallet work for LP/method snipes?

Yes, as long as Multi is enabled in the wallet settings (no channel requirements).

Can I sell a token from all wallets at the same time?

Yes. The โ˜ข๏ธ Sell button allows you to do so.

Gas and slippage settings for multi-wallets

Your multi-wallets will follow the settings of your main wallet. This is done to ensure uniformity between all your wallets.

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