Transaction Error Messages

Insufficient Output Amount

Your slippage tolerance is too low for this transaction. Either increase your slippage tolerance in the wallet settings or increase your gas price/delta to gain more priority on the blockchain. If you're using Smart Slippage, remember that it requires high gas price/delta to work optimally.

Excessive/Insufficient Input Amount

This happens when the bot attempts to buy an exact number of number of tokens, but the token's volatility turns out to be too extreme, even with your slippage taken into consideration. For example, assume that you want to buy exactly 1 token, and the current price for that 1 token is 1 BNB. With 100% slippage, the bot will allow you to pay up to 2 BNB to get that token. If the token's volatility is too extreme that even 2 BNB isn't enough to purchase 1 token, the transaction will fail. You can set slippage to higher than 100% as described here. This error can also show up in certain copytrade scenarios. If the tracked wallet is sniping block 0 of a launch with an exact buy (demands a specific amount of tokens and over-sends BNB/ETH to the router), the bot will attempt a similar transaction and try to buy the exact same amount of tokens specified by the tracked wallet, but it will send the minimum between your copytrade buy amount and the BNB/ETH amount sent by the tracked wallet. If you set your copytrade buy amount too low, it won't be enough to secure the tokens you've requested, and you'll receive this error.

For sells, it can happen when the contract forces your wallet to sell 0 tokens. This often implies that you've been scammed.

Insufficient funds for gas * price + value

Your wallet doesn't have enough funds to cover the transaction value and its gas fees. If you think you have enough, double check your gas settings and compare the potential gas fees to your wallet's BNB/ETH balance.

Transfer Failed / Transfer From Failed

This error can happen for a multitude of reasons. We mention a few here:

  • Trade hasn't been enabled yet.

  • The transaction would've caused your wallet to exceed the contract's max wallet.

  • There's a maximum allowed gas price on the contract.

  • There's a transaction cooldown on the contract.

  • For sells, the maximum allowed sell might be smaller than your attempted transaction.

  • For sells, you may have already sold (press Reset on the Trade Monitor to ensure that you're looking at current values).

  • You got blacklisted, or the token became a honeypot.

Underpriced Transaction

This error happens when you attempt a transaction while another transaction from the same wallet is already pending. The bot supports only one transaction per wallet at any given time.

Transaction requires more gas than the max

If the bot detects that a transaction would require more gas than your chosen Max Gas Limit, it will block the transaction immediately and display this error.

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