Do I need to connect my wallet to the bot?

No. You can generate burner wallets directly in the bot.

What security measures has the team taken?

All private keys are AES encrypted, and our servers' security is airtight.

Are there any security concerns?

The only security concerns revolve around your actions. Make sure your Telegram is secure by enabling two-factor authentication. If you generate a wallet through the bot, do NOT share the private key or mnemonic phrase with anyone else, and only record it on pen and paper. Your wallet's safety is completely in your hands.

I see 0.01 BNB/ETH transfers that I haven't authorized.

If the transfers were to 0xCac0F1A06D3f02397Cfb6D7077321d73b504916e, then those are the 1% bot usage fees being extracted. This is explained in the first part of the FAQ, as well as the manual.

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