How does this work?

When the bot detects any "rug" transaction that can mess with your ability to sell successfully, the bot will attempt to frontrun that transaction.

Does it only work for liquidity pulls?

No. Anti-Rug covers blacklisting, trade disabling, tax changes, max transaction changes, minting and selling, and many other types of rugs.

Will I be facing high gas fees for frontrunning?

That depends on the gas settings used by the rug transaction. The bot will automatically re-configure its gas settings based on those used by the rug transaction. This is done to maximize the chances of frontrunning. If the rug is using a very high gas price, then frontrunning it requires paying higher gas fees. If the rug is using normal gas prices, then frontrunning it is cheap.

I keep getting the "insufficient funds" error.

Then your wallet doesn't have enough to fund the frontrun, or the rug transaction was using a prohibitively high gas price.

Why does the frontrun fail here and there?

There's a myriad of variables at play when frontruns of this nature are attempted. Frontrunning rug transactions is extremely consistent on ETH, where block times are sufficiently long. However, it's less consistent on BSC, since the chain's block times are quite short and give us very little leeway. Frontrunning rugs will save you in most situations, but it's never guaranteed, so don't over-rely on it.

Does Anti-Rug work on Arbitrum?

No. Arbitrum has no public mempool, so Anti-Rug is impossible to implement.

Is this active for all tokens in my wallet?

No. Anti-Rug can only activate for tokens being tracked by an ACTIVE trade monitor in the bot.

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