LP/Method Sniping

Can the bot snipe liquidity and launch methods?

Yes. LP/method sniping is accessible through God Mode. Paste a token's contract, then press God Mode to get started.

When do I use liquidity sniping?

Sniping liquidity is an advanced technique that allows you to buy as soon as liquidity is added, provided that trading has NO OTHER RESTRICTIONS. In other words, the only restriction to trading is the fact that liquidity is not yet present.

When do I use method sniping?

Method sniping, unlike liquidity sniping, allows you to buy as soon as the targeted launch method is activated by the contract owner. Method sniping should be used in situations where trade is restricted from within the contract, and those restrictions can only be lifted when the owner activates a method like "enableTrading" for example.

Why do we need block delays?

You should utilize block delays to avoid deadblocks. A deadblock is a block that would get your transaction rejected or your wallet blacklisted on the contract. Contract owners place a small number of deadblocks after launch to deter and catch snipers. You can counter this by setting a block delay to avoid the deadblocks. To find the ideal block delay, make sure you go through the contract you're attempting to snipe.

Can the bot adjust for max buy on God Mode?

Yes. The only case where we can't auto-adjust for you is 0 block delay sniping, so make sure you choose a suitable amount of BNB/ETH in those scenarios.

Risks of 0 block delay sniping

Zero block delay sniping means that the bot will attempt to buy as soon as the transaction that adds liquidity or activates the targeted method (depending on your choice) is initiated. In this case, the bot will adjust your gas price in an attempt to avoid frontrunning these transactions. However, these launch transactions normally use the minimum required gas price to be mined, so we can only match their gas price. With matched gas prices, there's a small chance that your snipe will fail, as the buy transaction could go through before the liquidity addition or method. Even if there are no deadblocks, the safest liquidity/method sniping involves setting the block delay to 1. This ensures that the bot will buy on the next block, removing the possibility of accidentally frontrunning the liquidity addition or method activation transactions.

What gas settings does God Mode use?

For 0 block delay sniping, the bot automatically matches the gas price of the transaction you're targeting. For anything other than 0 block delay sniping, God Mode uses your wallet's gas settings.

Can you use multi-wallet with God Mode?

Yes, as long as Multi is enabled in the wallet settings (no channel requirements).

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