God Mode

The bot provides an exhaustive toolkit that covers every possible token launch situation. The section describes this intricate toolkit in extreme detail.

Accessing God Mode

If you wish to snipe a token’s launch, the bot offers full liquidity and method sniping capabilities through God Mode. If you do not have the contract address ahead of time, it is best to forward or copy/paste the contract and do an auto-buy using the steps described in Section 3.

You can access God Mode through 2 different methods:

Using Pasted Contracts

  • To access God Mode, Paste any contract address or chart into the sniper and you will get the panel in Figure 23.

  • Select God Mode.

Using the main menu

  • Type /sniper to summon the main menu in Figure 1.

  • Select ⚙️ God Mode, then select the chain. You can find more about this menu in the following subsection.

  • Press Add God Mode.

Following either method will lead you to the menu displayed in figure 24. This gives you access to multiple functionalities that we’ll explain it in God Mode Menu section.

General Guidelines

Please be mindful of the following when attempting to liquidity/method snipe:

  • Your first priority for liquidity and method sniping should be setting a delay that would avoid deadblocks. The default is zero. Zero block delay means that the bot will attempt to buy as soon as the transaction that adds liquidity or activates the targeted method (depending on your choice) is initiated. On BSC, the bot will adjust your gas price in an attempt to avoid frontrunning these transactions. However, these launch transactions normally use the minimum required gas price to be mined, so we can only match their gas price. On ETH, you can utilize Block-0 tipping to bundle the launch and secure extremely early entries as long as you use sufficiently high gas prices, as explained here.

  • If your buy amount is bigger than the maximum allowed transaction, the bot will automatically adjust your buy amount to match the maximum, even for liquidity/method snipes. The only case where we cannot adjust is zero block delay sniping, so make sure that you’re using a suitable amount of BNB/ETH in those scenarios, or select a specific number of tokens to avoid the problem altogether. However, the ⭐️Premium-exclusive God Mode TURBO can correct your buy amount if need be.

  • You need to set up your liquidity/method snipe within 24 hours of the launch happening, as your God Mode settings will reset after 24 hours.

  • Base users can only set up 1 God Mode snipe at a time, while ⭐️Premium users can set up 5 up to 5 concurrent God Mode snipes.

Liquidity and method sniping are rather intricate and nuanced, and identifying when either one (or both) should be used requires knowledge and research. We provide general guidelines in the following sections.

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