Sniper Manual

Maestro Block-0 Dominance

In partnership with bloXroute, we are proud to bring you the ultimate sniping solution: Block-0 DOMINANCE. This will become the absolute gold-standard for sniping in terms of speed and consistency.
This new approach to sniping allows you to cooperate with other Maestro users to dominate a launch block, all while competing amongst each other for better entries. Here's a quick FAQ on everything you need to know:

📍 How does Block-0 DOMINANCE work?

In simple terms, Block-0 DOMINANCE uses blockbuilder tipping/bribing to secure better entries on block-0 snipes. You will essentially bribe the blockbuilder (with high gas prices) to place your buy transactions immediately after the launch function through the use of bundles.

📍 Cooperation in Block-0 DOMINANCE?

Blockbuilders will choose the most valuable bundle to mine. Block-0 buys from Maestro users will be grouped into one big powerful bundle that can easily overwhelm the competition. As long as you're sniping block-0, you'll be cooperating with the rest of the Maestro userbase without even noticing it.

📍 Competition in Block-0 DOMINANCE?

While you guys cooperate to create extremely lucrative bundles, you'll also be competing to secure a better place within those bundles. Basically, the higher your ETH tip amount, the better place you'll receive in the bundle, and the more valuable the bundle will become. So even while competing, you'll still be cooperating. The ordering is rather simple: ⭐️Premium users will always go before base users, and within each group of users, transactions will be ordered by their tip amount.

📍 What if our bundle doesn't go through?

The bot will also send an independent Backup snipe for every single user, so even if you don't get included in the winning bundle, you'll still buy right after it. The Backup snipe will use the gas delta that you've set for your God Mode snipe, and it will always be sent with bloXroute Anti-MEV enabled. And don't worry, the bot will never let you buy twice.

📍 What's the best approach to participate in Block-0 DOMINANCE?

Block-0 DOMINANCE thrives if you use high ETH tip amounts. How high you go is your decision, but anything less 0.05 ETH is not ideal. The higher the tip you use, the better spot you'll get within the Maestro bundle, and the higher the chance of the bundle succeeding.

📍 Can I get sandwiched/MEV'd with Block-0 DOMINANCE?

Nope (unless the block gets uncled, and the odds of that happening are less than 3%). All Block-0 DOMINANCE transactions are sent privately: the bundles are private by design, and the Backup transactions are sent through bloXroute Anti-MEV.

📍 How do I participate in Block-0 DOMINANCE?

If you use God Mode, you'll be participating by default. The Block0 Tip button in the God Mode menu allows you to opt out if you so desire, but it's not recommended.