Method Sniping

Method sniping, unlike liquidity sniping, allows you to buy as soon as the targeted launch method is activated by the contract owner. Method sniping should be used in situations where trade is restricted from within the contract, and those restrictions can only be lifted when the owner activates a method like “enableTrading” for example. When method sniping, please take note of the following:

  • If you can’t read or understand Solidity code, don’t method snipe. You need to be able to identify the proper launch method and its deadblocks by reading the smart contract.

  • Every method in a contract contains an ID. When a wallet initiates a transaction to call a method on a contract, the transaction contains a 4-byte method ID. This is equivalent to 8 unique hex characters. For example, the method ‘enableTrading’ with no parameters is equivalent to ‘0x8a8c523c’.

  • When you click on Snipe Method after going into God Mode, you will need to supply the Method ID you would like to snipe. The sniper will give you a set of Method IDs as shown in Figure 25.

  • If you cannot find the method ID in the set of method IDs provided by the sniper, you can search for the required method ID within a specific contract using the instructions in the Appendix.

    Some final words on liquidity and method sniping:

    • God Mode is meant for advanced users who can understand a bit of Solidity and navigate their way around a smart contract. You need to be able identify launch methods, deadblocks, and blacklisting mechanisms to maximize profits from these functionalities.

    • In the rare case that a token has no liquidity and trade is gated by a launch method like “enableTrading”, and you’re not sure whether the owner will add liquidity then activate the method or the other way around, you can activate both _Snipe Liquidity** and **Snipe Method** in the **God Mode_** menu in Figure** 24, and the bot will be able to account for any order of transactions used by the owner.

    • You can liquidity/method snipe with multiple wallet by enabling Mutli-wallet in the wallet settings in Figure 15.

    • Some token contracts use unique blacklisting mechanisms. One of which is banning any wallet that tries to buy with a higher gas price (more than 7 gwei on BSC for example). Make sure that the contract has no such banning mechanisms before you proceed with method sniping.

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