Sniper Manual

Simulate and TURBO

A brief description of our Premium-exclusive God Mode features.

🕵️‍♂️ Simulate

⭐️Premium users can simulate contract launches directly through the bot. Our launch simulations will automatically identify deadblocks, launch taxes, launch methods, and the contract's max buy BEFORE launch, which makes God Mode a lot more streamlined and efficient to use. Simply paste a contract, go to God Mode, and press the 🕵️‍♂️ Simulate button. Five seconds later, you'll get a detailed report of the contract's launch state, including everything you need to successfully and safely snipe the launch.


Tired of having to check increasingly complex contracts before sniping? Getting caught in dynamic deadblock launches? Can't figure out a contract's max buy? The ⭐️Premium-exclusive God Mode TURBO is here to save the day.
With TURBO, you don't need to simulate or read any contracts. TURBO offers the following features:

Completely Automated Sniping:

No need to simulate or look for the right method or approach to snipe. The bot completely automates this process and identifies the right transaction to snipe in mempool, all in block 0. This will go hand-in-hand with block 0 tipping, which is explained in more details here.

Dynamic Deadblock Detection:

Lots of contracts can now change deadblocks within their launch functions, which hinders most snipers out there, but it won't hinder us. TURBO can dynamically adjust to any deadblock specifications, even for the most complicated contracts and launch methods.

User-controlled Tax Thresholds:

We've also seen a new trend of tokens launching with hardcoded high taxes. TURBO gives you complete control over the max buy and sell tax you're willing to buy into. If a token launches with taxes that you don't approve of, TURBO will notify you that the contract violates your preferences and wait until taxes are lowered before buying.

Dynamic Max Buy Adjustment:

Getting stumped over pre-launch max buys? TURBO completely addresses this by making sure that your buy never violates a contract's max buy. If you try to buy 2% of the supply when max buy is 1%, the bot will auto-adjust your buy, all on block 0.
God Mode TURBO is the absolute gold standard for sniping, specifically on ETH. On BSC, you might get slightly faster snipe speeds using Liquidity/Method snipes. On ETH, you can pair TURBO with Block-0 tipping to secure extremely early entries.