Snipe Auto

⚠️ Highly Experimental

Snipe Auto in Figure 24 is a last ditch effort to tackle contracts with tough-to-crack anti-snipe measures. When active, the bot will simply attempt to buy when it detects that the contract is tradable. We define a tradable contract as follows:

  • Buy and Sell taxes are less than 25%.

  • Wallets are able to buy and sell.

When these conditions are verified, the bot will attempt to buy. It will use safe values for gas price and slippage, so you don’t need to worry about that. Just make sure that your buy amount does not violate the contract’s max transaction. However, this feature is very limited. In its current iteration, Snipe Auto will not detect deadblocks that blacklist specific users. For example, if buying during a deadblock limits you specifically from selling or raises sell taxes for you specifically, there’s a chance that the bot will still buy, so use this tool with extreme caution. The ⭐️Premium-exclusive God Mode TURBO greatly improves on Snipe Auto. More details can be found here.

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