In this section, we will explore the bot’s powerful multi-wallet modalities.

Setting up multiple wallets

Our bot allows you to set up multiple wallets and initiate simultaneous buys with a single click. This is especially useful for sniping launches with small max transaction/wallet limitations. To enable this feature, go back to the /sniper menu, select Wallets, then select Multi-Wallet. You will then arrive at the menu in Figure 15.

The bot immediately lets us know that we don’t have any additional connected wallets. We are given two options in the menu:

  • Connect Wallet - connect a pre-existing wallet.

  • Generate Wallet - have the bot create another wallet for you. Selecting this option will give you another private key that you can import into TW/Metamask.

Selecting either option will give you the chance to name the new wallet. We name our new wallet “Wallet2” for the sake of demonstration. After connecting/generating the 2nd wallet and then clicking it, the menu will now look like Figure 16.

After adding the desired number of wallets (current maximum is 3 wallets: 1 main and 2 additional wallets for base users; premium users can utilize up to 10 wallets), the final step is to:

  • Enable Multi-Wallet - click on the Multi button in the menu of Figure 16. The red X will turn into a green checkmark. Enabling this will NOT force you to buy with multiple wallets every time. It only prepares things for later in case you do want to buy with multiple wallets simultaneously. If done properly, the Multi-Wallet menu will look like Figure 17.

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