Multi-Wallet Use case

To showcase this powerful framework, we will examine the case where the user wishes to multi-wallet buy pasted contracts, but the same steps explained below can be used to enable multi-wallet purchases on call channels and copytrade wallets. To enable this dynamic functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Create multiple wallets using the Multi-Wallet menu in Figure 15, and add funds to the wallets. You won’t be able to perform transactions with multiple wallets unless they hold BNB/ETH amounts that are sufficient for the transactions.

  2. In the same menu, click on the X Multi button. The X will turn to a green checkmark. This alone will NOT enable multi-wallet buys on pasted contracts (or any other call channel/copytrade wallet), but it is a required step.

  3. Since we want to enable multi-wallet buys on pasted contracts, we have to interact with the Me channel, which is accessible through the call channels menu. You will see a menu similar to Figure 12. Simply click on X Multi to enable it (the X will turn to a green checkmark).

With Multi enabled in BOTH the Multi-Wallet menu (Figure 15) AND the Me channel settings, any pasted contracts bought with your Main wallet will trigger multi-wallet buys. There is no “multi-buy” button. After you paste a contract, check if the token information includes the line “Multi wallet enabled”. If it does, then you’ve successfully set up your multi-wallets. Simply buy the token (either with an autobuy or a manual buy) using your Main wallet, and your other wallets will follow suit.

After a multi-wallet purchase, the bot will open a Trade Monitor panel for each wallet that successfully bought the token. This allows you to control your token holdings for each wallet separately. However, if you intend to sell your holdings from all your multi-wallets at the same time, you can simply use the _Sell_** button in the Trade Monitor. This will immediately sell from all multi-wallets that own the token. These multi-wallets are NOT required to be in an active Trade Monitor. For example, if you buy a token with 3 wallets and you already know that you’re going to be selling from all of them at the same time, you can simply remove 2 out of the 3 resulting Trade Monitor panels to save monitor space, and then use Sell on the last remaining panel when you want to multi-wallet sell.**

When using multi-wallets, please keep the following in mind:

  • Base users can create up to 2 additional wallets, resulting in a total wallet limit of 3. Premium users can control up to 10 total wallets.

  • Your multi-wallets will use the same gas limit, gas price, and slippage settings as your main wallet, which is controlled through the menu in Figure 3.

  • You can multi-wallet LP/method snipe using God Mode. You can simply enable Multi in the God Mode menu and snipe from the main wallet. This is the only instance where initiating multi-wallet buys doesn’t require enabling _Multi_** in an additional channel.**

  • To enable multi-wallet buys for call channels and/or copytrades, make sure Multi is enabled in the Multi-Wallet menu AND in the settings of the channel or the copytrade wallet you wish to multi-buy from.

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