Auto Buying

Suppose that you want to snipe a stealth launch of a hyped token. In such situations, speed is key, especially when hundreds of buyers are racing to copy-paste the new contract address into Pancakeswap/Uniswap, or in our case, the sniper bot trading terminal. To give you an edge over your competition, we introduced the Me channel, which allows you to setup autobuys for pasted contract addresses. Follow these steps to set it up:

  • From the menu in Figure 1 (a quick way to reach it is by typing /sniper again), go to Call Channels. This will open the menu in Figure 9.

  • Select the Me channel. This will open a configuration menu similar to Figure 10. This menu behaves exactly like other call channel settings (adjusting parameters like Max MC and Min Liq). We delve deeper into these settings in Section 4.

  • Enable Auto Buy and choose a suitable Buy Amount by clicking on it. If you want _Auto Buy to activate, Auto Buy has to be enabled in the wallet settings (as seen in the last section) and in the Me channel, and a Buy Amount_ has to be specified in the same channel. As for Auto Sell, enabling this will ensure that Auto Sell is enabled by default after you buy through a pasted contract.

  • When you paste a contract address into the bot now, it will check whether the coin satisfies the marketcap, liquidity, and tax conditions specified for the Me channel, and then attempt to autobuy the token with the amount specified in Buy Amount.

    If you don’t want the bot to autobuy pasted contract addresses, make sure that Auto Buy is disabled (❌). You can also control this using the shortcut /quick, which gives you an easily accessible menu of useful settings. It’s worth pointing out that:

  • You DO NOT need to worry about your autobuy amounts exceeding the max transaction limit. If your _Buy Amount is higher than the limit and the bot manages to estimate that limit, then the bot will automatically adjust the Buy Amount_** to make sure the transaction goes through.**

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