Contract Details

Anyone with a keen eye would’ve noticed that the sniper gives extensive information about any contract you paste in the bot. This can be seen in the message about the buy menu in Figure 8.

We go over a few of the important pieces of information below:

🎯 Alpha - Premium Only

This shows the number of Maestro users who have pasted the same contract into the bot, and allows you to gauge how “alpha” a contract truly is.

⌚️ Seen - Premium Only

This shows the time elapsed since a user pasted the same contract into the bot.

💰 Balance

Your token balance in the selected wallet for the specific contract you pasted.


This shows the current chain gas price average. This is especially relevant on ETH where gas is highly volatile.

💵 TX Fees

This shows the gas fees you’ll be paying to buy (next to B) and selling (next to S) when interacting with this contract. These values will use your settings for the buy and sell gas price/delta.

💧 Liquidity

This shows the percentage of the token’s max supply that is currently present in the token’s liquidity pool. Low percentages (less than 1% for example) are highly suspect.

A bit further down, you’ll also find some more technical information about the contract’s tokenomics, including:

  • Tax (B|S) - This shows the contract’s buy and sell taxes at the time of pasting the contract. If you wish to use Smart Slippage, make sure that the sniper can estimate concrete values for the buy and sell tax.

  • Max Buy/Sell/Wallet - This shows the maximum amount of tokens you’re allowed to buy and sell in one transaction, as well as the maximum amount of tokens you’re allowed to hold in one wallet. These values are controlled by the contract’s developer. If you try to buy an amount that is bigger than the contract’s max buy, the sniper will automatically adjust your buy amount to ensure the success of your transaction. If you wish to make use of this functionality, make sure that the sniper can estimate a concrete value for the contract’s max buy when you pasted the contract.

You might’ve noticed a small line at the end of the message of Figure 8 warning you that Auto buy cannot be triggered in this specific case. The sniper actually allows you to instantly auto buy any contract you paste into the bot, which is an excellent technique to use for stealth launches. To activate this powerful functionality, we turn our attention to the Me channel.

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