Trailing Stoploss

Trailing stoploss is a more advanced version of sell-lo that allows the bot to slowly increase the stoploss as the token’s P/L increases. This aims to protect gains in situations where the token enjoyed a pump, but the pump wasn’t enough to trigger the sell-hi, also known as the take profit threshold. Consider the following example: the user’s sell-hi (or take profit) is set to +200%, which is 3x, and their sell-lo to -40%. The token’s P/L reaches a maximum of +190%, and then starts going down and never recovers. The following scenarios can unveil:

  • Without trailing stoploss, the bot will not autosell until the token goes all the way down to -40% again, which means that the user would’ve missed out on gains, and instead ended up with losses.

  • With trailing stoploss enabled, the bot will continuously adjust the stoploss based on the max P/L reached by the token at the time. Since the token reached a maximum of +190%, the bot would’ve adjusted the sell-lo from -40% to +74%. With this sell-lo, the bot gives the token enough leeway to recover while securing profits in the event that the token fully dies.

For the mathematically inclined, trailing stoploss calculates the new sell-lo according to the following formula:

New Sell-lo%=(100%+Starting Sell-lo %)(100%+Max P/L%)100%\text{New Sell-lo}\% = \left(100\%+\text{Starting Sell-lo \%}\right)*(100\%+\text{Max P/L}\%) - 100\%\\.

Please keep the following in mind when using trailing stoploss:

  • Trailing stoploss will continuously adjust the sell-lo. As long as the P/L keeps increasing to new record highs on the monitor, expect your sell-lo (or stoploss) to rise with it. The bot will always use the highest P/L recorded on the token’s monitor to calculate the new sell-lo. Trailing stoploss can only increase sell-lo. It can never decrease it, as that defeats the purpose.

  • Trailing stoploss will never adjust your sell-hi. It only targets your sell-lo.

  • If you activate trailing on the Trade Monitor AFTER a trade, then the bot will simply start trailing from your current sell-lo.

  • If you don’t like the stoploss value that trailing stoploss calculated for you, you can simply change it, and the bot will re-calibrate in the background. Whatever value you put in will be considered as the New Sell-lo, and the bot will calculate the Starting Sell-lo that would match it using the above formula. However, setting a new stoploss value while Trailing is already enabled resets the recorded maximum P/L on the monitor. The user’s P/L at the time of setting a new value will be considered the new maximum, and any increases in that will yield increases in the stoploss as well.

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