Approve Settings

We can now press the Return button to go back to the main menu in Figure 3, and then select Approve. You will end up with the menu in Figure 6.

We explain the available options below:

βœ… _Auto Approve_

In order to sell tokens, you NEED to send a suitable approval transaction beforehand. When Auto Approve is enabled, the bot will immediately and automatically send an Approve transaction after a successful buy, which allows you to sell whenever you want to from that point onwards. If disabled (with a X), you’ll have to Approve manually after you buy. Enabling Auto Approve makes the bot easier to use overall, and is basically required for people who wish to benefit from Auto Sell.

✏️ _Gas Price/Delta_

This allows you to control the transaction priority of your Approve on BSC (gas price) and ETH (gas delta). You don’t need to use high values for this, especially if you have Auto Approve enabled.

After configuring your Buy, Sell, and Approve settings, press Return one final time to return to the main wallet menu.

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