Buy Settings

We will first begin with the Buy settings. Selecting the Buy button reveals the menu in Figure 4.

The Buy menu offers a multitude of different configuration options that give you complete control over your purchase preferences. The buttons in the right column REMOVE the settings you’ve set in the left column. We explain these options below:

Dupe Buy

If disabled X, the bot will block autobuys for any token that you have a positive balance of. This protects you from situations where multiple call channels post the same token, or a copytrade wallet makes multiple purchases of the same project. To turn this protection off, enable Dupe Buy (the X will change to a green checkmark).

Auto Buy

If checkmarked, autobuys will now be allowed to trigger for pasted contracts, call channels, and/or copytrade wallets that you have set up. However, enabling this does NOT force you to autobuy UNLESS you’ve already enabled Auto Buy in the relevant channel or copytrade wallet (more on this in Sections 4 and 7. If you want to allow autobuys in general, make sure there’s a green.

✏️ Max MC

Choose the maximum marketcap the bot can autobuy.

✏️ Min and Max Liquidity

Choose the minimum and maximum liquidity the bot can autobuy.

✏️ Min MC/Liq

Choose the minimum MC/Liquidity the bot can autobuy.

✏️ Max Buy Tax

Choose the maximum buy tax the bot can autobuy. This is a very important feature, as it can block contracts with high buy tax.

✏️ Max Sell Tax

Choose the maximum sell tax the bot can autobuy. This is a very important feature, as it can block contracts with high sell tax.

✏️ Gas Price (BSC/BSRG exclusive)

Choose the preferred gas price you would like to use. Your gas price determines your transactions’ priority on the blockchain. The higher the price, the quicker the transactions will go through, but you’ll have to pay higher gas fees. For normal transactions, 5-7 gwei is sufficient, but you’ll need to use 8-12 gwei for casual call channel sniping to guarantee good entries. The gas price can go way higher for hyped launches and presales.

If you’re on ETH, you’ll encounter Gas Delta instead of Gas Price:

✏️ Gas Delta (ETH/ESRG exclusive)

Gas delta will act as the max priority gwei on a Type-2 ETH transaction. Essentially, the bot will automatically adjust to the current ETH gas average, and then add the chosen Gas Delta on top of it. Example:

  • ETH gas average is 10 gwei

  • Set delta to 3 gwei for example

  • Your transaction’s gas price will now be 10 (base) + 3 (priority) gwei

Just like gas price on BSC, gas delta determines your transaction priority on ETH. Higher deltas will yield higher transaction speeds at the cost of higher gas fees.

On Arbitrum, _Gas Price/Delta_ is completely irrelevant, since the chain operates on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. More details on the subject can be found here.

Manual buys will always rely on the wallet gas price/delta and slippage settings specified above, so make sure you configure them properly.

This wraps up the wallet Buy settings. We can now press Return on the menu in Figure 4 to return to Figure 3. From there, we can move on the Sell settings.

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