General Settings

We are now back at the menu shown earlier in Figure 3 and re-iterated on in Figure 7 below.

These settings apply to all transactions, regardless of the category, and we’ll explain them below:

✅ _Anti-Rug_

This feature attempts to frontrun liquidity rugs, blacklisting functions, trade disables, tax hikes, unnatural mints, and practically anything that would “rug” you. The bot will detect when a malicious transaction is sent to mempool and will try to sell your holdings before the malicious transaction goes through, thus saving your investment. While the feature works most of the time, it is not guaranteed due to a multitude of different variables, so please be careful with your investments. Also keep in mind that the bot will automatically adjust your gas price/delta (more on those later) to maximize frontrunning chances, so make sure you have enough funds in your wallet. If enabled, then the feature will be activated automatically for every trade you perform on the bot.

Anti-Rug is only available on BSC and ETH. Arbitrum has no public mempool support and relies on a First-Come-First-Serve transaction ordering policy, so implemeting anti-rug measures on the chain is impossible.

If Anti-Rug detects any transactions that shouldn't have been flagged, please report them to the development team. Anti-Rug should never be enabled on a pre-launch token that you've added to your Trade Monitor.

✏️ Slippage

Choose the slippage tolerance for your buys and sells. If you select the X arrow to the right, it will default to 10% slippage. Using extremely high slippage values is dangerous, especially on 0 tax and low tax tokens, since you can get frontrun by MEV bots, so please use a suitable value, or utilize Smart Slippage.

Smart Slippage

This allows slippage to automatically adjust based on the token’s taxes and your price impact. This is not suitable for volatile situations like launches and LP/method snipes. We recommend you pair it with high gas price/delta. Keep in mind that _Smart Slippage overrides any custom Slippage_** values you might have selected earlier**.

✏️ Max Gas Price

Choose the maximum gas price you’re willing to pay for an Anti-Rug or copytrade transaction. It compares against the gas price needed to frontrun rugs and scams through Anti-Rug, and the gas price needed to frontrun/match copytrades. If any of these scenarios require a higher gas price than the Max Gas Price you set, the bot will block the transaction. Please note that the Max Gas Price will not interfere with manual transactions, channel auto-buys, or God Mode snipes.

✏️ Max Gas Limit

Choose the max gas limit you allow the bot to use. You can leave it on Auto as the bot already selects an optimal gas limit for the contracts you’re interacting with, or you can set a specific amount to block tokens with high gas usage. If a transaction requires more gas than the set max gas limit, the transaction will be immediately rejected.

😈 Degen Mode

The sniper normally blocks token autobuys if it detects honeypots, blacklist risks, or unhealthy liquidity. However, some users have requested the removal of these “training wheels” to allow them to go full degen. This is what Degen Mode aims to accomplish. When enabled, the bot will still notify you if the aforementioned risks are detected, but it will NO LONGER block autobuy in those events. Only enable this if you absolutely know what you’re doing and are willing to handle the risks involved.

On ETH, you will find an additional button:


If enabled, the bot will route your buy transactions through a private relay, and your buys will not be broadcast on mempool. This technique will guard against MEV/sandwich bots and avoid pesky copytraders. However, such private transactions tend to be slower than un-protected router interactions, so only use Anti-MEV for casual trading sessions where peace of mind, and NOT speed, is the priority.

Keep in mind that if a block gets uncled, your transaction will no longer be private. The chances of this happening for any block are 5%, so don't use irresponsibly high slippage.

Anti-MEV utilizes MEVBlocker.

Some final words on wallet settings in general:

  • You can configure the gas price (BSC) and delta (ETH) for _Buys, Sells, and Approves_ separately.

  • The second column can be used to delete settings established in the first column.

  • It is important to note that if there are taxes on the token you autobuy, then you will start with a loss. For example, if the buy tax is 15%, then you will start with a loss of -15% immediately when the buy happens. If your Sell-Lo is very strict, you might trigger an immediate autosell, so be careful.

  • These settings are global and affect the behavior of pasted contracts, call channels, and copytrades. You can override them by adjusting the settings of specific channels or copytrade wallets as described later in Sections 4 and 7.

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